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app & promotional poster

created at Savannah College of Art & Design

This project was done in collaboration with Elizabeth Comings and Courtney Cheshire. Together Asa was created as a personal healthcare app that makes finding the appropriate doctor and booking appointments with them quick and easy. The app helps patients take control of their health by allowing them to search their area for doctors based on their symptoms. They can also connect with their pharmacy to keep track of their prescriptions, search the app’s medication database for information about their prescriptions, and use the app’s substance interaction checker to monitor how much of and when to take their medication. Users can also read other users’ reviews and connect with physicians that deliver test results to the app. Additionally, Asa collects data from apple health, and shows seasonal illnesses and outbreaks based on the app user’s area.

Asa was created to make finding doctors less intimidating and more accessible. It was aimed at students and young professionals that have difficulty finding the time to locate the appropriate doctor in their area. They might be new to a certain location and too busy to familiarize themselves with the health care system. This idea of fun and approachable healthcare is enforced with the character Asa, a friendly nurse that helps users navigate through the app. This is also enforced through Asa’s name, which is Hebrew for healer, and through the fun and cheerful colors used throughout the app.

The project encompassed the design for the app and  a promotional poster. The design of the character Asa, the promotional poster, and the design of the app screens were done individually, while the logo for the app, other screens from the app, and  market research were done collaboratively.

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