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willow beauty

cosmetic packaging, brochure & storefront

created at Savannah College of Art & Design

Willow is a makeup brand that specializes in curated collections based on personal color, which is the categorization of complementary colors based on skin tone. Willow has four different lines, with each line containing three collections. The collections include a four pan eyeshadow palette along with a lip and cheek stain. The goal of this project is to create a brand that provides people with makeup that suites their skin tone according to personal color, in a curated and simple way.

Each Line is named after a different genus of tree, with each species of tree relating to a different skin tone. The Betula Line features Birch wood and is suited toward those with a deep and cool skin tone, the Acer Line features Maple wood and is suited for fair and cool skin tones, the Cercis line features Redbud wood and is suited for fair and warm skin tones, and the Cedrus line features Cedar wood and is suited for deep and warm skin tones.    

The packaging for each collection is made out of wood with one live edge.  This combination of geometric and organic shapes is done to represent creating structured beauty from nature. Each line is represented using hand written type, along with an illustration of the leaves from the tree of the wood used in the line. A brochure and the design for the storefront of the brand’s flagship store are also included.  

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