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rest rescuer


created at Savannah College of Art & Design

Rest Rescuer is a kit that helps young children that may have difficulty going to sleep, are often scared at night, or suffer from nightmares. Rest Rescuer provides an aeromatheraputic spray filled with lavender, to help calm and relax the child as they go to bed. Simply disperse the star spray around the child’s room to help them feel more safe and get a good night’s rest. The kit includes one spray bottle and two refill bottles.

The packaging for this product includes the character design for the ‘Rest Rescuer’. Conceptually this character is there to embody the feelings of being safe and protected. He is made to look a bit older than the younger target audience, as to seem relatable to them while maintaining the secure standing an older child holds to a younger children. He is wearing pajama-like clothing to represent restfulness, while holding his long sleeping cap that he uses to capture all the child’s bad dreams and fears. Accompanying characters are also there to help him, such as the sun, moon, and stars. They are predominately placed on he labels for the spray and refill bottles, which have been dubbed the ‘Star Spray’. This was done to represent the morning star, symbolizing how the child will be able to sleep peacefully through the night to be greeted the next day by the morning star. The accompanying characters are drawn in a similar style to the main character, with rounded edges and cartoon-like proportions, to maintain a playful nature that would be stimulating to a child.  

The project includes the packaging for the kit’s box, along with the three labels for the spray and refills. Vector illustration was used to illustrate the characters and a bold sanserif rounded font was used to create a fun and bubbly appearance. Variants of blue were used due to its association with the night and sleep, while saturated colors were used to remain fun and playful.  

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