one size does not fit all

condo brochure & promotional items

One Size Does Not Fit All is a condo brochure made for Kapsul, a modular living system that emphasizes sustainability and making the most out of a minimal living space. Kapsul emphasizes using less to live more.  

The brochure mixes futuristic and retro sixties imagery and type, since both eras focused on technology. During the sixties, America was enamored with science and new technological advancements, and Kapsul emphasizes how future technology can help humans live more essentially, both in the physical and sustainable sense. The combination of retro imagery with highly saturated colors and geometric sanserif type with more traditional serif type helps to convey this juxtaposition of old and new. Imagery such as rockets and popular actors of that time were used to hearken back to the sixties era, while imagery of Kapsul’s modular living spaces are representative of the future.

Additionally, the brochure plays on the idea of size, as a modular living system with variable floor plans relates to the variety of clothing sizes available. This is exemplified with the language used throughout the brochure, using wording such as “tailored to your style” or “from small to large”. The texture of different clothing materials, such as knits, are also used throughout the brochure to emphasize this idea.    

This project includes a brochure with eleven spreads, a folder with a business card and two floor plans.