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created at Savannah College of Art & Design

Alternativeats is a food magazine aimed at those who need or prefer specialty diets. This includes those with food allergies, asthma, or require gluten-free foods. The magazine’s content includes articles on topics such as how restaurant kitchens safely serve customers with allergies and how to create a budget-friendly vegan grocery list. 


The magazine uses a combination of photography and illustration to create a clean but homegrown feeling. This is because many people with alternative eating habits use specific requirements for their dietary needs, of which usually requires precise directions for food preparation, thus body copy using sanserif type along with very orderly and clean spread layouts were used to achieve this feeling. On the other hand, those with dietary preferences like vegans, typically favor ingredients such as fresh whole foods for their meals. To create the tasty look of home-grown foods, decorative fonts were used along with natural but bright colors such as green and red.


The project encompassed the magazine’s cover and five spreads. This included the layout and typography, along with the digital illustration on the spread that is about shopping for a vegan lifestyle.  

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