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The Beauty Beneath

print design

created at Savannah College of Art & Design

The Beauty Beneath is a paper sample book designed for the French Paper Company to show off their Kraft Line. Conceptually the book focuses on showing the beauty found in nature, specifically the patterns and textures that can be found in objects and living organisms when peeling away their first layer or when cutting them in half. Examples of this would be splitting a log in half to show its interesting circular system or cutting a rock in half to reveal a hidden crystal. It plays upon the natural and raw look of the French Paper Kraft Line, as it emphasizes the unrefined beauty that can be found in nature, which is similar to that of the line’s earthy wood fiber paper.  

Furthermore, cuts and folds that reveal interesting imagery and illustrations are also used to further emphasize this idea of cutting something in half to find its inner beauty. Illustrations of natural objects and humans being split apart are shown. Gold accents are also used, as gold is a precious metal that can only be found by splitting earth in half.  

The paper sample book includes eight spreads with five folds and gold and clear gloss accents. The book is hardbound using the Japanese book binding method.    

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